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Wednesday there was an article on Yahoo! that Chicago is expecting the worst winter and most snow since the 1800s or something like that. Maybe 18 hours after reading this, the morning radio hosts on WITL (the non-wilt station) announced this winter will be the real deal. The area’s worst yet. Just as I finally, completely come to terms with the you do what you have to do application to driving in the snow/freezing, this comes up and Anh mentions “black ice.” Apparently, this is where its warm enough to rain, but too cold to salt the roads. So basically the whole city shuts down!

And, apparently, MSU shut down last year for the first time in 100 years or so. I walked in thinking as soon as students found out I’m from Texas they would think: Yes! Classes will be canceled often! After all, we panic in the south when there’s too much ice because we don’t know/dont have the equipment to take care of it. But it looks like I don’t have to be the one who cancels class if black ice will take care of it for me :).

Still so much to learn.

Assuming my plan for next weeks class is half baked but will incubate and prosper with student input, today was probably the best day yet since its been only me and Emily. So much to do and people to see and ideas to write down before hey morphing into the next! I saw the infamous Crunchy’s, was privileged to hang out with the Health & Risk Communications students, and had fun cracking up laughing so much more than I have since leaving home!

Such a joyful day and yet, I also haven’t missed everyone so much as today. And the holidays seem forever away! I almost, should have, walked into a frat party on Abbot. The dancing through the window and music made me want to be back in Austin or Houston bhangra dancing to music with such beat, such strength, that it shakes the walls! Having so much fun pouring sweat and jump-twirling around with friends!

It’s agitating to not be able to drive to the people I love to see this weekend. I have never been in my glorified storage unit (my apartment) so much. I might actually have to loose the joke-title and start seriously thinking of it as home!