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Heated buses are sickening. I thought a normal bus was horribly hot here. Wrong! The first lesson of today:
heated bus + people = soup!

I sat down by a window before I realized this was the first time I’d been on a bus with heat. When the bus stops, its almost as bad as getting in the car this summer in Texas: heat think as soup. At least you get to keep your ability to breath on the bus.

Although, its no wonder everyone (myself included) has been sick this past week. Inside a building or a bus you sweat. Then its nice to cold outside so the hot sweat just sits on your forehead. Where I had fever at the beginning of the week. Wonder how that happened.

I ran into my Health Comm prof while waiting for the bus and today’s second lesson is the difference between dry and wet cold. Apparently today is, and it has been a, wet cold: its so humid but cold that the combination makes it feel colder. A dry cold she said she didn’t even need a jacket for; the lack of wetness in the air and, I’m guessing, wind doesn’t make it seem as bad.

In four hours the post office opens. Still can’t decide if I should nap or just keep going until then, leave, and return to nap or sleep by then….decisions, decisions. In other news, I made a hat! Now to make a matching one for my almost done scarf I need to figure out when/motivation to wear. Don’t understand the scarf or layer thing at all.

Today felt like Christmas in Texas :). And just like there, I had my flipflops on. Maybe one more day with them? I might can bear it one more day and look ridiculous.