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This morning I called my apartment complex to learn that the heat should have been turned on….a while ago. Apparently another perk of living in a studio with all but internet expenses paid is that I cannot initiate heat for the season. And my thermostat died.

This was not learned, however, before I left the cold house looking like this:

Martian Brigitte to save planet Earth! ET....phone.....home.....

Yes, there is a balloon in the background.

Naturally, I look ridiculous. Like a martian or a muffin or something. So the photo was posted to facebook with the above caption. More as a cry for help than for anything else. A. I need coffee (see left (right in photo) eye). B. Really? tank top and shorts girl is supposed to get used to more clothes than ever before?

Mike made a comment “You look like a warrior who conquered the land of stuffed animals, with your panda skull helmet – your greatest trophy.” Success! The panda hat accomplished world laughter! And then was taken off on the way to the bus.

Julia made a comment that “For 40 degrees? You are going to be in a world of hurt in 2 months. :-)” Which is when I then realized why it had been so hot on the bus! It took a few minutes of sitting there (luckily, in the nonheated bus this morning) for my hair to not feel like it was suffocating me in the too warm scarf. Apparently  my personal apartment temperature gauge is very off.

So I’m here at the department until at least 7pm administering make up exams which called for lunch and dinner making Tuesday’s debut as this week’s Chipotle day! Walked north to need to south after class, after grabbing lunch, at the bus stop I returned to my layers:

Minus the panda hat. This look was more “will this hat fly?” Picture was not posted until now. Yep, the big sunflower traveled from Texas and undergrad all the way north!

So the good news is, I mastered laying out a million clothes last night, like a little kid, to wear to school because I was afraid I would forget something and be cold. For it to not be quite that cold. But I proved I could do it! Even if I don’t understand or understand the sweat aspect of living here.

However, I also learned that scarves are nice and toasty, and wonder why living with hot natured people, no one thought to tell me this as it might have helped the cold natured one. Oh well, today I learned, I can wear scarves :-).

Moved to the North Pole for a PhD program with my first scarf: in commemoration of my first conference presentation. (-: