Such a never ending, so much to do, so fulfilling, so frustrating day. So much that I had to think back if the Ghost Bus was today or yesterday – because it seems like forever ago!

Walked to the bus at 7. Guy from law school joins (I think I recognize him from the bus; definetly recognize the book he’s carrying). Very stylish girl joins. Only her top and bottom silver buttons are fastened on her jacket; so fashionable even the two in between aren’t fastened and they don’t need to be.

We started chatting about the bus being crowded. Yesterday she said three busses passed her; he said he arrived at dark and waited for a bus until light. They both conjured that the more people at the stop, the less likely it was to stop. We saw the bus coming over the “hill” in the dark so I stepped out of the shadows to ne the flagger. And then, all three of us squashed on!

But the main discovery: she has the bus system mapped. I asked if it was really running since the 7:12 bus hadn’t come. She said it never comes! Next one is at 7:18. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where we officially crown the first “ghost bus.” And just in time for the impending Halloween.

Day 2 of layers: another Be A Michiganian failure. Today I only took the brown sweatshirt I’m sure the department is tired of seeing me in. Funny how I didn’t care about wearing the same orange, Halloween, pumpkins and bears sweatshirt day in and out for about a year and now sometimes I wonder if the fashion police are ready to throw me off a clif. Anywho, layers would have helped in the icey rain.

I learned if you burp in the cold, it will fog your glasses :-).

And the umbrellas.