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I had an epiphany on Thursday.

We went over the group project and then I told the class I would give them 5-10 minutes to meet with their groups. The largest group has 12 people. There has to be a way to change this for next semester; I’m still not sure how this project has been with this course for so long.

One person asked if we were having lecture. I said yes in about 2 minutes and he sat back down. Whatever happened, people started wandering out with their groups and I was left with maybe 15 students. So I welcomed them to my personal focus group, we discussed the exam, the class, and then went on our merry ways.

They confirmed it wasn’t all my teaching that basically everyone had failed the exam. One student said she was over confident from the first exam so she didn’t study as hard. One that it was three days after the big game (my thought: are you kidding me? but I won’t make that mistake again…). Many people want more detailed study guides. I asked one girl to stay back a few minutes because she had mentioned a few days earlier that she thought everything was fine and she confirmed the same opinion and asked about her grade. I told her I didn’t remember; she wasn’t one of the ones my jaw dropped as I silently yelled what happened?! We went over to the computer to check and she had one of the highest grades :-). She was relieved and happy; she said she had studied her butt off for this exam! I was so excited to be able to tell her – she deserved it!

It was walking back to the Comm school, noticing what I’ve started calling the Texas fall tree, that I realized: I don’t want to go home. I instantly felt bad; I still miss everyone terribly and I feel like a pinned bull staying at home this much on weekends. But at the same time, it was a relief to feel content, and that I could stay here and master this. And suddenly, I swear the overcast day and sullen week magically had sun :-).

On another note, Wednesday, I wore the same clothes I wore Tuesday. Two people had seen me in it, it didn’t smell, and I’m enjoying my test of how long I can go without doing laundry O:-). Oh, I did add the brown sweatshirt I’m sure the department is sick of seeing. Funny how I didn’t have the perception or the caring in middle school to not wear the orange, Halloween bear, baggy sweatshirt probably for a year straight but now I’m aware others might have noticed the constant brown, Rainforest Cafe sweatshirt.

Anywho, Thursday was a good day for all the layers. Annnnd now I’m back to wearing flipflops! I did, however, make a hat to match my gloves when needed ;-).

Texas fall tree. Finally. Someone knows what I'm talking about!