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I live in a basement.

Therefore, many people live above me (at least two, if not three floors), but whoever lives directly above me, has the perfect foot patterns to make it feel like home.

My mom doesn’t like the creak of the floorboards and walls coming from the ceiling. I guess it’s because she converted the upstairs game room into the large master bedroom which she says was a sitting room before she had children. (And other than that, as far as I know, she’s always been in one story houses until now!) But to us, it was the room with the big bed to jump on, and the yellow Winnie-the-Pooh toy box full of large wooden blocks to build castles for the My Little Pony’s who also lived in the toy box to have shows. And then the monster or weather to come and crash the castle to the ground! Just in time for clean up ;).

The bedroom I shared with my sister was across the hall from the master, in the nursery (which used to be a dressing room; the luxuries of one person living in a whole house!). So for a while I was upstairs too. But adolescence was spent with my own room downstairs, in what was technically the master bedroom. My sister’s a night owl, and her room, the nursery and formerly our room, was above mine. So she would study and I would hear the walls and floor creak when she wandered to a different area of the room. I would be just waking up to work on something at four in the morning if needed as she was just heading to bed. There were many nights and mornings of listening to the footsteps and creaks :).

So whoever lives upstairs, here’s to you! For making my basement studio, 1,500 miles away from everyone I love and everything I know, still feel like home :).

And now, back to the survey design 😛 :).