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I owe you the discussion of Tuesday and the debut of The Brigitte Show. Today is episode 2 – with supervisor observing! All I can do is hope that in 3 hours, she sees how much more we all enjoy class….despite its unorthodox format….and instructor.

But right now, we will start the morning off with another layers, Michigan weather fail and another ghost bus. Three buses went to campus before any went north and found me. I go north to go south because usually the buses pass you all full and you end up waiting longer than if you just saw the whole route (did I mention that in the last ghost bus post?). Anywho, the bus came and we’ve just started back toward campus. But not before I think I burned my ears off waiting for it! I almost grabbed the scarf at least just because I like it….what I needed was a hat! Another thing I never wore before moving to the north pole.