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So a young person (undergrad) gets on the bus. Driver asks if she’s been on Facebook lately. They’re still talking about someone.

Weird….I need to friend request my bus drivers?

A front desk worker was dressed as Mike from Monsters Inc. Amazing how warm stuffed animal costumes can actually work as assistance to the cold here!

Another bus driver was dressed up and jumped on our bus because she brought too much candy. I guess bus drivers in Texas are too tired of the 6th Street crowd to enjoy Halloween like they do here? (Or I just knew how to find crabby bus drivers.)

If the department chair and a newer (completely new to me; not even at orientation) professor keep looking at you and nodding while saying “Cute…yeah cute…” to the cat, devil horns on your head with cat nose and whiskers on your face, is that a good thing? I was tempted to start throwing in the disclaimer that I hope this doesn’t undermine my credibility…

Happy Halloween from the Texas Mittens!