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I officially have an ice scrapper.

And then I decided at the checkout: its a glorified, complicated, but less mechanical, umbrella.

I didn’t tell the register lady that. Although during her car education is when the thought occurred. Turns out, she’s from Texas too! Has been here for seven years to which I said so you stayed! And she replied: but I’m going back this summer. I don’t want to be here anymore.

For some reason, probably because you use the squiggy windshield cleaners on the window, everytime someone said ice scrapper I thought that meant just for the windshield.

Yep! We’re all laughing lol never even occurred to me it was for the whole car!

So first I learned not to level it in the car because if your doors are frozen, you won’t be able to get in and get it. Supposedly this won’t scrape the paint on the car but yes you have to scrape the whole car: start at the hood and work back. Maybe keep some Windex in the car (or I guess close by since you might not be able to get into the car) and spray the ice, a few minutes later it will be earlier to scrape. A.) Do I stand outside waiting these few minutes doing what? I’m thinking I won’t be holding a textbook or blogging the experience on the phone right at that second while waiting….. and B.) If you did leave the Windex in the car, wouldn’t it freeze? Or maybe this is like the gasoline freezing question to Amanda. And then I had this thought of putting the wet ice scrapper on the floor of the front seat; and that’s when the umbrella analogy came to mind. Except the scrapper has nothing to do with protection and cannot accompany the symbolism of newness of the rain. (I just thought I’d put it all down here lol sorry about that 🙂 .)

Let’s see….oh and not letting the car warm up can kill the battery. Now why didn’t anyone ever just say that? You have to talk logic people! Or I just push the issue until I teach myself why (and then wish I’d listened). I just thought cold metal is no good so don’t do it. Reasons help; I shall now quit the issue of pushing the car to run when its still cold. (If you haven’t figured out, the car and the cat are by two “big babies” to take care of.)

The End. And home to get back to work.

So who’s invented the purse with a plastic ziploc type pocket for me to put my ice scrapper in?