A night at The Green Door with the Health Comm Cool Kids resulted in a wonderful distraction and break and more education!

This paragraph has nothing to do with this blog context and everything about being a girl: in my attempt at a fashionable night I was looking at earrings earlier that day and found three pairs of butterfly sets all in increasing size. The largest, of course, were too huge. (Back in the day, those would have been my mom’s, the middle my grandmother’s, and the baby ones mine the one time we shared a package of gold hoops.) So anyway, if you bought the smaller ones you could have red butterflies. But if you bought the middle ones, you could have gold. But if you bought them both….you could wear a smaller silver one and a middle sized black butterfly behind it and create your own shadow effect! And voila – with a black top I attempt to make a fashion statement and out on the town we go!

Now, back on topic. First, the battery will die if you don’t start the car every few days….not if you don’t let it heat up before driving it. My apologies for getting huffy about the lack of knowledge that had not been communicated before or apparently in that conversation….

Eric made a great comparison: you wouldn’t wake up in the morning and take off running (literally). Why should your car wake up and be ready to roll when it’s been freezing all night or hibernating for a few days without even a blanket? Hence, due to the “baby” status of my car, it shall receive an extra 15 minute warm up to all trips. Hopefully. This weekend was not a success with this new plan as I seemed to be running late everywhere and would need to jump in the car and roll! Really have to start working on my timing.

Let’s see….ice scrappers are good. I should still weight down my trunk although Eric also drives a Civic and sounds like it’s a champ in the winter sitting low to the ground. And Neala said to drive slow; then all should be well. She drives a truck! I mentioned how different it was not seeing so many trucks around and then in conversation realized perhaps that was just in the city….there certainly were trucks if you head north. I wonder if they hold the snow in the pick up bed?….

And now that the writing mood is set, let the midterm grand finale commence!