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There’s something just as exciting as there is daunting/terrifying about the new year.

Or, perhaps this is something new as a result of moving across the country, and next new year returns to normal when I officially have a full year of long distance to understand the dynamics by.

(Side note: as someone dating someone from around the world, I realize that, I’m a big baby. But this is new. I will grow up. Eventually.

Feel free to ignore the learning talk and just look at the pictures. ;-))

Moving across the country was scarry enough. But it had to be done. It was done with the knowledge that there would be Thanksgiving at home and Christmas in Houston. I promised my mom years ago that she would never be alone on Christmas unless I really couldn’t afford it. And she had been planning my return since October – so who was I to disappoint!

Another wonderful dinner with friends, and driving back home for the night I realized this security was gone. Do I just not come back for another year? Yesterday I was buying a bike for the no-snow North Pole and two days before that I was selling my car. I can’t tell you where I’ll be tomorrow much less when I’ll get to see everyone again…..and this is nerve wrecking.


A ride back from dinner with the top down, looking at the picture perfect sky and moon (ummm, well not so much with a phone camera in a moving car…) and life is too amazing for it to not work out. Despite being scared.

A comprise? I only finished one of four paintings that were Christmas gifts and left most of my paints and brushes in Houston. Guess I have to come back sometime O:-).