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In the land of the North Pole, where I often complain that at least in Texas you know why you are sweating, I do enjoy wearing the same outfit to teach one day and to a class that I’m taking the next. If I haven’t sweated in it, that is.

"Oprah Winfrey’s Theia Gown Returns for Oscar Encore."

This article made me wonder/realize how much of an embarrassment I would be in the land of Hollywood. A few years ago in the heat of the bad economy, there was an article on stars wearing Target/local/inexpensive clothes. I have never been one to follow the trends. (In fact, I strongly avoid them until they’re a cascade and I add no new information to the adoption (Yay new discoveries in ProSeminar!) (My apologies to those of you who wish I lacked this trait…)) This article did make me curious that perhaps a content analysis on media fashion trends is in order. Both to understand where media takes consumer behavior and perhaps why I’m so stubborn.

In other news, I saw snow on television this weekend! And am pleased to report that it was as magical as in person :). No more are the days of seeing snow on a screen and thinking “whatever; it comes from a box on the set’s sky.” I was surprised by the new association and glad that I can now see snow and know that it is real :).