In honor of leap year, I present a post from Emily :). Here’s to every forth year (at least) letting the cat post a story of life at the North Pole.

P.S. I’m not crazy – just tired and didn’t have any planes to jump out of today so leap year must be commemorated somehow!

For those of you who haven’t heard, I fondly referred to Emily as my brat-cat. It’s all about her, all the time, end of story. I had been told that’s what happened. She celebrated her 14th birthday on February 14th :).

However, since moving to the North Pole, she has been the only child and is living it up. She’s started playing, being affectionate, Kanay commented that she was like when he first met her, and my mom doesn’t believe she’s the same cat. To follow is a child’s portrayal of an un-Emily story of love.

First, I decided to test Emily and not move my hand thinking she would turn around to sit. But instead, she gave me a mitten!

Then she decided to rest.

An hour or so later, I was reading and she put her hand on mine and pulled herself closer so she could rest her head again!

Then she rolled sideways to be cute.

But being cute and sweet is hard work; so then she had to put her feet up.

And then it was breakfast time. But first for a bath and to wash the hand that feeds her.

The End :). The photography is not great….this was a mostly all-nighter with me reading and taking breaks to take pictures with my left-hand (of which I am not). Breakfast time is at 5am sharp! I don’t need an alarm clock when demands are made from the night stand while I eagerly wait for Daylight Savings Time to start March 11th.

We end the day with packing. Emily is about to have her first stay at the pet hotel and I was told to bring canned food if that’s what she was used to. She officially has her own suitcase with printed name!

Tomorrow, provided I finish a late research agenda task, I shall resume regularly scheduled programming with the new Michigan ponderings I seek to decipher.