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A quiz, two papers, three lectures, two presentations, and a Texas wedding all within a week and a half, and I was in need of serious commitment to getting stuff done. Oh, and then an inner-coder reliability test due by Saturday that wasn’t mentioned until Thursday.

I wasn’t originally in this debacle. First there was then there wasn’t Texas; so I volunteered to present first. Then there was Texas and everything else was added after that was known. (Really? it’s not supposed to make sense.) And Denny’s actually had the highest productivity track record. What resulted was the commitment to a silly song. At first I was upset I couldn’t do 12 Days of Denny’s (which is actually nights….but days sounds better….I kept switching the alliteration during the week though); but decided a multiple of three would still work.

As a disclaimer: I did not eat much during these nine days at Denny’s. I’m not really sure why people go there to eat. I did learn their Groovy Aam smoothie is very good! Just the right amount of mango to perk you up with fat free yogurt. I already knew the side salad, lite French dressing, no croutons was good. And one night I bought a kids cup!

The moral of the story: do not let obsessive compulsive lock you into a song. I’m not good with being told what to do :P.

So, here’s the social media chronology of the 9 Nights at Denny’s.

Studying part one was a coffee shop with Marly to develop the code. In case you were wondering.

Did I mention there was a dark phase with bad attitudes?

And then there was a day of rest.

Pineapple Dream was in celebration of being put on a grant project for three years of funding – until graduation!

I just realized, I never finished the song. At this point I was getting tons of questions as to why I was obsessed with Denny’s and asked multiple times if I was eating there and knew how unhealthy it was. The eighth day of Denny’s brought a few minutes where I was the only one there and I learned how they steam clean the carpets. The ninth day of Denny’s…..was short. I don’t remember much actually….there was a paper and not much sleep and I’m very surprised I was awake in class the next day!