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I’m not entirely sure if this is a southern concept…..has anyone at the north pole ever heard of frying eggs on the sidewalk? Image

While I realize the summer is still young, today I was able to stand on the sidewalk barefoot, waiting for the bus and it was just a nice warm. Hardly egg frying weather.

First, don’t question my weirdness: I hate shoes. Second, if you’re from the south – this is a big deal! More time is spent running on tip-toes from grass patch to grass patch than is spent on the boiling hot concrete in the south. Wonder why they make fried eggs instead of poached……perhaps I need to research more about eggs and come back to this concept.

It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate one year of meeting East Lansing and the campus. A year ago minus four days, I flew up to Detroit with my Aunt in search of an apartment and to see Michigan for the first time. A year ago minus two days, I met the department chair and saw MSU, officially, for the first time.

Today is just as gorgeous as it was then. Having moved from a place where I had the power to melt hand sanitizer bottles in the car and sit in the car and feel like you couldn’t breath it was so hot, the sun and slight breeze along with streets of tulips were a welcome change. Yes, we have flowers in the south, but nothing like here! I soon realized that all of Hollywood must have been filmed in the north – this is where the tulips, green grass, snow, and skiing adventures are.

So cheers to a summer without frying eggs! And exploring more of the north and