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It’s amazing how much fun last night was – how much joy and happiness and eager faces to greet the new year. So many wonderful, strong hugs were exchanged, with heartfelt wishes for the best 2013. After finally going to bed around 3am and a brief sleep before the TV and cuckoo clocks woke us, it seemed like a new and exciting day and we should do everything possible to do the things we wished to do throughout the new year.


I probably should have realized the day was not over when this was posted as StoryPeople’s post of the day.

And then, reality set in. Charli and Jordan and I went to see “Pitch Perfect” and had a perfectly, wonderful, girly afternoon concluding with Whataburger on the beach and a near seagull attack over the leftover fries. But we returned home to one sister fighting for her life in Michigan which was causing the two sisters in Texas to fight and plan trips up north. And suddenly, a completely joyous day has us back to praying and being thankful for what we have.

So, in reference to the movie while I figure this out more: good night aca-people!