As someone who grew up with Robin Williams, I am shocked and in disbelief of his passing. As a scholar of mental health communications, and someone who has suffered from depression, it saddens me to see someone’s life taken. But then again, we all get tired of being strong.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, his words touch me. I had never heard this quote before. But you have to believe that that your words and ideas can change the world to start something like a group to help single moms and to give back to parents, who must make decisions bigger than themselves every day. I am neither. I come from a single mom. But I saw what she went through. I can only help to be as strong as her someday, should the time come for me to bring another human into the world.

So I would like to mention It Works! Global’s Confianza product. This product has done wonders for me. But the message here is: it takes guts to say something is wrong. If you suffer from depression, please find help, whether it’s with your doctor or from a natural remedy to help with stress/anxiety/depression like Confianza. Your life is too precious. We need you.

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