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Dear Charlie,

I know you think the world is hard. But I’m here to tell you: you haven’t seen anything yet.

Breaking up with your first boyfriend is part of life. You will be stronger for this. If he cries, quit worrying about what if: you will cry too. It will break your heart. But you will have learned more about yourself during this process than you ever could have imagined.

If you are lonesome, know I will always be here. And so will all of your cousins. He will have his dad nearby. If he is lonesome, he will be okay too.

If you are sad, look to the sky. You will remember the good days. And someday, you’ll realize this wasn’t so difficult. If he is sad, he will find joy in the grass, watching the pup you bought together. Do not fear; he is taken care of.

You haven’t seen anything yet.