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A month and a week ago I reentered the work force. Due to the increasing amount of crazy things that come out of my mouth as I reenter this world, and funny stories I’m accumulating, 1capital2another will resurrect!

Some context: I’m still a PhD Candidate in Michigan. My July defense was postponed until Fall. I should be working on my dissertation as I type this instead.

Also, once you hit 4th year, you loose priority for funding for the program. So, I set off to find a way to pay the bills! Exciting adult-life-type stuff. And I found several companies willing to hire me for my previous work experience in data warehousing. I had also decided that I wasn’t ready to be a professor and wanted to go back to industry for a while. I got everything I wanted, and after a month, I realized I still don’t know that I want it. So part of the blog revival is a sounding board for me to figure things out.

Now, let’s talk about shoes. I never knew there were so many evil shoes for females until this job! And I’m talking flats! Talk about ankle bitters. I refuse to admit or try the girl trick of just living with blisters until your heels callus up and deal. So far, my favorites are a pair of zip up boots, which therefore have nothing to rub on my heel, but have a heel to the shoe which is a whole other level of irritating for an 8 hour shift, and my $6 H&M slippers. There should be more cheap slippers in the world.