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We conclude this working Friday with the return of my own personal Casper the Friendly Voicemail Ghost. Complete with red light, text notice, and blinking voicemail icon.


Now Casper has been with me at work for almost a month now. He randomly showed up right after I switched groups and likes to make an appearance whenever he thinks I’m not paying enough attention to the family pictures in the corner by the phone. The
Help Desk said they have seen this issue one time before and the only solution at the time was to give the guy a brand new extension. They have since learned more about the network and databases and are trying to track down who calls and activates Casper’s appearance. Here’s the kicker though: the one thing new I did receive when starting at the company was a brand new extension. So while they could give me another new one, I kind of wonder if it’s my amazing abilities to attract flat out crazy electronics and if Casper will just live with me as a cube mate and that’s the way it’s going to be.

I’m okay with that. I’ll keep him around to remind me to look at the pictures. And as a subtle reminder to calm the perfectionist in me. You can’t always fix everything.