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How does such a crazy day start with just such a familiar name on a Cole bottle?

At first, I just thought it was strange. How a 19 year old cat who followed me forever was suddenly gone and I was thinking of her. Then I was just irritated with myself for being sappy. And then I thought about Vtine, another kitten we lost, and how hard it is to not know. And to keep hoping someday she’ll show up to be reunited with us and her litter mate brother!

But the weirdest part of an Emily Coke bottle is when you realize you decided to check an Emily’s Facebook profile hours after finishing the coke. We’re not good friends. She’s actually the daughter of one of my mom’s best friends and I don’t go to her page that often. But last night I did, and it turned out her brother had just passed away.

I never met him. But D, we will miss you. Thank you for bringing my mom back to talking to me. Even if that did open a whole other can of worms I have yet to talk about.