From One Capital To Another. The literal meaning: this blog was started because I moved from the capital of Texas to the capital of Michigan. From the southern tip to the northern. From the burning by fires South to the 40 degrees in the North Pole. From one capital to another.

The figurative meaning is that I wanted something that wherever the next adventure takes me, I wouldn’t necessarily have to change the name of the blog. Figuratively, I guess you could say from one capital state state of mind to another.

Brigitte. Depends on the story you want to hear or that I want to tell. My parents called me Fidget for six months before I was born. They realized they’d already named me and it became a spelling question. Then one night Brigitte Bardo was on TV and Fidget officially became Brigitte. To this day, I am heavily dependent on spell check, but thank my mom for setting a standard early.

Where I ever had the bright idea that I could work in a cubicle is beyond me. I quickly started calling them animal pins and the fidget in me would do anything to escape. If you know me, you know that I have a million different projects and jobs as works in progress. An attempt to occupy my fidgety mind I suppose. As a disclaimer, before anyone rolls their eyes at a blog project that will take up more time and yes, probably be abandoned at some point in time, I would like to say that thanks to the magic of smart phones, this is great bus work to keep me busy while commuting :).

So, enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or ponderings that should be discussed we’ll begin capitalizing on adventures and discoveries!


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