Snow Living

The first thing I tried to search for when it was a possibility I was headed north was “living in the snow for dummies.” Then “living in the north for dummies.” Then “moving to the north for dummies.” And then, “moving to the north for southerners.” Nothing. So here’s to hoping the next person to search for “living in the snow for dummies” comes to this page. To follow is a collection of questions and discoveries, serious and funny, that occurred to me so I asked native Michiganders.

Special thanks to Amanda, Susana, and the Health Comm Campaigns Fall 2011 class, MIS faculty and staff, and the APRR department for all of your help and teachings!

Does gasoline freeze in the car? No.

Can you tell if someone is pregnant in the winter? Everyone wears so many clothes… This question just gets laughs. I think I confirmed that you can tell; but it was a 50 degree day and she only had on a light jacket that wasn’t closed. We’ll see how it goes in the single digits and I’ll update the answer.

Black ice

Cold/Dry cold

Wheel drive


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